Earn from social media

As far as we're concerned, if you are a creator, influencer or social media user you should be using Kasu. Whether you're posting workouts, tutorials, tips or endless selfies, a lot of your fans would be willing to sponsor you to keep doing what you are doing. If you wish to show your paying fans some love you can reward them with exclusive content or connect with fans in community chats.

Support Creators

We all have profiles we love to follow! Well wouldn't you be happy to pay a small subscription fee or send a tip to support your favourite creators and enjoy some exclusive content? That's what Kasu does...supporting creators and rewarding fans.

Bring your friends

Are you a webmaster, entrepreneur or social influencer? Then why not earn some money by encouraging creators to let their fans support them? Earn 3% commission on all subscriptions and tips given to creators that join using your link.

How much can I earn?
Monthly sponsorship
0 $50
Number of followers
0 50k
You could be earning
per month

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